Different Types of Stair Baskets

If you are one of those people who are always struggling to keep your home clutter free, a stair basket may help you quite a bit. These containers are shaped to sit on the side of a staircase. As you are picking up, simply put the items in the basket and then carry it upstairs when you have the chance. This is a much better alternative than making a pile of stuff that you or other family members could trip over.

These handy baskets have been in use for a number of years, but since they have become popular as organizers, there are a lot more types available on the market. You can now find stair step baskets to go with any type of home decor, from country to a more contemporary style. Wicker stair baskets are probably the most common type, and they go well in both casual and more traditional homes. If you would like an original handmade version, take a look at the ones made by the Amish. They are hand dyed and signed by the person who created it. Rattan stair baskets also fall into this group and are a little more unique than the traditional wicker basket.

If your home is decorated with a more contemporary style, you may want to look at some of the leather stair baskets. These versions may be more expensive, but are very attractive and go well in a modern home. The leather material makes them durable and easy to clean. Many are lined with a cotton fabric to protect the leather and the items that are put inside.

Some of these handy organizers are also available with different compartments so that you can sort the items into different groups by type or by which room they are going to. You may even be able to involve other family members in using the stair basket and sorting the items to be brought upstairs. Take advantage of these useful organizers and find one that will work in your home – you won’t be sorry.

What Is Rattan?

Rattan is a type of palm tree is naturally occurring in a few regions. These regions are Asia, Australasia as well as Africa. It lends its name from the Malay word “rotan” which describes two things in the Malaysian language. The first thing it describes is the rattan itself. The second and more sinister meaning to it is its use as tool of discipline. In the olden days, a rattan stick was the tool of choice in Malaysia when it comes to disciplining children. While attitudes towards the rotan has changed, it is still used in Malaysian prisons.

While it is a member of the palm family of trees, it doesn’t really resemble the basic palm tree as we are used to seeing. Instead, it is a long and slender plant. Technically, rattan is not a tree but rather a type of vine. In the wild, they are frequently seen engulfing other forms of vegetation. This is because the plant lacks the structure to stand on its own. Because of this, these plants feature special hooks on them that allow it to properly grip other forms of vegetation. Most of the world’s supply of rattan comes primarily from South East Asia with Indonesia being the worlds larger exporter. Up to seventy percent of the world’s supply comes from Indonesia.

Rattan’s Value To The World

Because the plant is rather fast growing, it is of high value to harvesters. It is also relatively easy to harvest compared to most types of timber logging which increases its appeal a step further. Because it requires trees to grasp as it grows, it does well only in areas where the forest is largely untouched. For that reason, it represents a great alternative to traditional logging. Transportation costs are also reduced since rattan is quite light.

The Basic Uses Of Rattan Today

There are two general areas that rattan is extensively used in, storage baskets (and boxes) as well as furniture. There are various species available that differ in thickness. Thicker variants are usually used for applications that require a stronger material. Overall however, rattan is seen as a relatively strong, lightweight and flexible material which explains its heavy use in the manufacturing of furniture and baskets. Just like most types of wood, it can be colored and stained to your liking. It also has a reasonably high resistance to splintering which allows it to be used in a variety of high-impact applications such as martial arts weapons.

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